The Top 10 Child Corruption Trends of 2017

(Linda Harvey – Mission America) As we look back on 2017, how did our children fare?

Unfortunately, the risk to America’s youth of deliberate corruption is escalating and along with that, the responsibility of parents and public officials to change this picture.

I am not trying to overly sensationalize what’s happening. The facts alone do that. My goal is motivation with prayer points and action steps. Folks, prayer alone is not enough. We must get involved, confront this evil and make it go away.

Here are my Top Ten Child Corruption Trends during last year, hoping they do not continue:

10. The mainstream media continues to aggressively sell America on the bizarre and deviant as positive options for kids.  The NY Times published a radically irresponsible story, “His Eye Makeup is Better than Yours,” about a 10- year-old boy and his Instagram make-up following. Do you want to vomit yet? I do.

I wrote recently about the flood of media feature stories—“fake news” — highlighting gender confused kids, a chorus of support for delusional behavior.

And of course, let’s not forget about Teen Vogue and its insane article about how to safely engage in anal sex.

9. Corrupting children in public must be a big turn-on for sexual anarchists. This year, the latest assaults on decency were the “drag queen story hours” at public libraries, where men costumed in female attire read books to innocent children, with pandering parents as onlookers.

In Austin, TX, an International Drag Festival, an “all-ages event,” featured an 11-year-old boy dressed as a girl dancing before other children and cheering transvestites, some of whom also took the stage for obscene performances. This occurred at a Holiday Inn.

8. Movies and TV for children pushed more “LGBT” depravity in their faces than ever before. Disney topped the list of offending producers. Their remake of “Beauty and the Beast” cast one of the males as a homosexual character.

TV shows that introduced obscenity and/or homosexual themes to children included Netflix’s “Big Mouth,” and Disney’s “Doc McStuffins,”“Andi Mack,” and “Star vs the Forces of Evil”. Does anyone still doubt Disney’s agenda? They are also a major donor to GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

7. Some schools allow children to express sexual and gender-defiant identities they conceal from parents. A New Jersey bill passed that guaranteed “confidentiality” for kids engaging in “trans” behavior, because as we all know, parents are the enemy, right? Similar school policies exist in Maine, Maryland, Hawaii and elsewhere. View article →