Copeland affirms ‘little gods’ doctrine: Todd White claiming he is a ‘god’ (New Breed) in human flesh

(Churchwatch Central) This is the New Order of the Latter Rain and New Apostolic Reformation heresy that teaches when people are spiritually baptized by this demonic ‘spirit’, they become Sons of God, little Gods or Kings Kids (like Jesus).

Copeland Ministries uploaded an interview on YouTube between Tim Fox and Todd White. In this interview, Todd White recalled his experience ministering to people in a hospital. Remember that Todd White is a ‘little god’, a New Breed:

The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 3): Todd White.

While he later claims he preached ‘the cross’ to them, this was the first thing that came out of his mouth to explain how one is set free from sickness, disease and circumstances: View article →