The Gatekeepers of False Teachers Calling Out Renowned Christian Apologist

The blog, Bible Thumping Wingnut (BTWN) has shown Christian apologist James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries to be in “sinful error,” according to Pulpit & Pen:

He has gone from doing some merely unwise things to clearly sinful things, and he is digging in as hard and fast as he can go while beginning to disqualify himself from Christian ministry right before our eyes. White has resorted to ad hominem attacks, sadly against some of the very leaders who have defended him in the past. He seems unwilling to listen to those who are well aware of Michael Brown’s errors and the dangers of the New Apostolic Reformation. Most are beginning to see it.

In a stunning display of irrefutable evidence from Chris Rosebrough, Phil Johnson, Mike Abendroth, Todd Friel, and more, Tim Hurd plays these clips of James’ friends all exhorting people to beware of Michael Brown – the very NAR apologist who was Elephant Roomed by James last Tuesday. (Source — above link ours)

In a piece titled “BTWN Takes On James White/Michael Brown in Stunning Presentation of Evidence” P&P includes a link to BTWN’s podcast. The host, John Hurd, plays clips of Rosebrough, Johnson, Abendroth and Friel warning people to watch out for Dr. Michael Brown. After listening to the podcast, CRN contributor Mike Ratliff, who has been involved in discernment for over a decade had this to say:

I listened to this episode of the Bible Thumping Wingnut this evening. I found it troubling, but, then again, when this ministry first began I worked shoulder to shoulder with [discernment blogger] Ken Silva doing heavy duty discernment work and this episode sure took me back [to those days]. I am convinced that our enemy has worked very hard within the Visible Church to discredit discernment ministries by making the wolves attacking the Body of Christ appear to be victims of slander and unfair exposure by those of us who simply tell the truth about what is going on in those “ministries.”

According to P&P, it is essential that believers listen to this podcast because “if you do, there will remain no doubt that James is in serious sinful error – if not a pastorally disqualifying elder.”

The Gatekeepers of False Teachers

On this episode Tim considers Dr. Michael Brown’s defense of Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson & Mike Bickle on the Dividing Line with Dr. James White

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