Destiny Destiny No Escaping That’s For Me

(Doug Evans – Asleep No More) You can’t read an article or listen to a homily from the Charismatic fringe without hearing the word “Destiny” being beaten into your head. Not just false prophesy but falsely prophetic merchandise like Destiny Pants and Destiny Cards are being sold to the theologically gullible. This got me to thinking; where is all this Destiny nonsense coming from.

Destiny is not just a vacuous concept, it’s a tired and overworked  Buzzword that the charismatics have been flinging at their followers like #4 birdshot at a flock of mallards. Destiny is defined as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future” AND “the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future”

If you are a human being your destiny is the same as all other humans, when you die you will stand before the throne of judgement. If you are a Christian and truly believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead, He will stand as your advocate at your judgement. As for “the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future” I’ll get to that in a few moments, let”s look at the use of the word destiny first.

The cool thing about a search engine is that you can search for something particular in one site if you want, so if I were to search my own blog for all the articles where I’ve used the word “UFO” I would enter this in the search engine:

site: UFO

The results should come back 9 results (including this post). So I did the same with, the web home of Jennifer LeClaire, and I searched for “Destiny” which came back with 2,700 results (the search engine Bing came back with 11,000 results). The articles in have breathless titles:

“Satan’s Sneaky Way of Derailing Your Destiny” “Are You Unwittingly Cursing Your Destiny?” “Release Your Kingdom Destiny by Doing These 3 Things” “Discerning Unhealthy Alignments That Block Your Prophetic Destiny” “If You Find This, You Will Find Your Destiny” “Connecting the Prophetic Dots of Your Destiny”

Wow! From the look of these headlines and the sheer number of them, Your Destiny must be incredibly important! The bible must be dripping with admonitions on protecting Your Destiny! Let’s look it up, let’s go to, select NASB as our version, punch in Destiny and we get (drum roll please!)

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