Recalcitrants Versus the Rainbow Ruling Class

(Bill Muehlenberg) In our brave new world of radical minority activist groups effectively taking over entire cultures, things are looking very bleak indeed for anyone who dares to resist the revolution. The militants have now become extremely powerful as the political world, the media, academia, and other institutions of power and influence readily run with their causes.

Those who refuse to bow the knee are being made to pay. They are being socially and culturally ostracised, hated on, and treated as outcasts. And there are very real ramifications of this: people are now being fired from their job, fined, or even jailed, for refusing to submit to the new agenda of the coercive utopians.

The most obvious example of activist agendas terrorising the mainstream is the radical homosexual agenda. As they consolidate power, win ever more special rights, and especially when they destroy marriage and replace it with fake marriage, we see the heavy jackboot being used against all opponents.

There are now many hundreds of examples of this occurring all over the world. And even before Australia went down the path of redefining marriage, we have had plenty of notable cases of people, including religious leaders, being taken to the courts and tribunals all for affirming the traditional understanding of marriage.

The sad case of Archbishop Julian Porteous in Tasmania is but one glaring example of this. And with the new homosexual marriage bill enacted, the range of religious freedoms and other freedoms is exceedingly narrow indeed. The “exemptions” of Dean Smith’s bill are effectively limited to a tiny minority of religious people, such as paid, professional clergy.

Ordinary religious folks, including civil celebrants, those in religious educational institutions, government employees, and small business owners – to name but a few – basically have no protections whatsoever, and are now all at risk of facing the same sort of persecution that I have documented time and time again, including in my 2014 book Dangerous Relations.

Now, simply sharing one’s own personal views on things like the true nature of marriage – be it on a website or a personal social media page – puts people greatly at risk. Here are just five examples of this – out of 165 – that I featured in my book: View article →

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