Christalignment ‘legally’ threaten discerning Christians – caught profiting from plagiarism.

(Churchwatch Central) Jordan Hall from Pulpit & Pen recently critiqued a video Bethel pastor Ben Fitzgerald uploaded to Facebook, where Fitzgerald accuses Christians of ‘micro-judging’. Not only did Fitzgerald condemn those for calling his mother a ‘witch’ (even though by biblical definition what she  practices is witchcraft), he also accuses someone of passing on information about his family’s occultic practices to discernment sites. As a result of this, his family are now threatening Christians with ‘legal action’.

The video that Jordan Hall reviewed can be seen in this article here:

Bethel pastor has a FITzgerald about his mother’s occultism being exposed.


Holly Pivec recently wrote,

“Does Bethel know that legal action has been threatened against site owners, including myself, who have shared photos of the Christalignment cards and photos of their teams doing “readings” with the cards — despite the fact that this sharing of the photos falls under the fair use rule in copyright law?” [Source]

We were aware of this taking place very early on and would encourage people who have tried to warn the body of Christ about these charlatans, to come forward if they have had legal threats made against them.

Dave MacKenzie from the Glory Gathering site was one of those ‘legally threatened’ by the Hodges:

Dave published the threat Jen Hodge made against both he and Chris Rosebrough:

“Every photo you have used of ours is copy written. That applies to Chris Roseborough too. There will be legal action if photos are not down.” [Source]

MacKenzie observes:

“Where is the LOVE? The audacity to threaten me because my blog post exposes the non-biblical practices of Christalignment. BUT… HOLD THE PHONE… THERE IS NO ARTICLE… NEVER HAS BEEN… but there is now:–)” [SourceView article →