8 Reasons Why The Next Missionary You Support Should Be A Cessationist – Part 1

(Justin Bullington – Things Above) As my coworker and I walked down the muddy trail, working intently on the very difficult Kuman language, a young man approached us. “Wagai We!” he yelled. In case you need it later, this means “hello” in the Chimbu Province of Papua New Guinea. We exchanged pleasantries and immediately got down to business.

“Why are you here?” he asked.


I’ll spare you the painfully long exchange, but we went on to describe that we were there to learn their language and culture so we could teach them God’s Talk and translate it into their mother tongue. “i wagai. na ama Papa God ka kaungo yomba mocha,” he responded. What he meant, of course, was, “I am a pastor too.”

Then, without hesitation, he told us all that his ministry entails: He banished bad ancestral spirits for people when they built new houses. God gave him special power words. Sometimes he used Bible verses to get rid of the evil spirits, and he had special access to the spirit-realm. This, apparently, was his entire ministry — he did sorcery in a suit and tie.

Continuationism is the (very) common belief that the sign and wonder gifts, such as prophetic utterances, miraculous healing, and spontaneous tongues, are still legitimately given, by the Holy Spirit, to Christians today — even though the Apostles of the first Century are dead.

I’ll be blunt: the sign gifts no longer have purpose in our time and have completely ceased. The Bible clearly affirms cessationism, and this is the strongly-held conviction at ThingsAbove.Us. Yes, God does miracles and is providentially working in our world; the Holy Spirit is working to bring the propositions of God’s Word to believers’ minds for application. He seals; He’s the down-payment; He gives us spiritual vibrancy and illuminates the Scriptures; He sanctifies and equips us for the Christian life.

The cessationist still affirms that the Spirit has a crucial role in the Christian life, but His ministry is Christ-centered. Now that we have the inspired writings of the Apostles and the canon is shut God speaks to His people exclusively through the Word. As Justin Peters says so eloquently (and not often enough if you ask me): “If you want to hear God speak, read the Bible. If you want to hear God speak audibly, read it out loud.”

My goal in this series isn’t to debate continuationism. There are lots of able-bodied men who write and speak much more clearly and eloquently here and here. My purpose, actually, is to show why it isn’t just ideal, but essential for local churches to support and send missionaries who absolutely affirm Sola Scriptura — not just in word only, but in practice. This series is primarily to convince those who already affirm that Scripture alone is the Christian’s rubric for life that your church’s next missionary should be a cessationist. This series is for those who would affirm with us that the sign gifts were for the era of the Apostles only. I’m hoping to convince these people that by sending or supporting missionaries that allow for sign gifts in this era, they’re playing with fire. View article →