How abandoning Sola Scriptura shipwrecks your faith

(Berean Research) What is the difference between the spiritual transformation that happens through the Holy Spirit, and the Spiritual Formation movement that swept through our churches a few years ago?

The difference is night and day. I remember talking about this with the late Ken Silva in 2012. He helped me understand that the Spiritual Formation movement provided the platform and a channel through which mystical practices began entering many different evangelical and traditional denominations.

Unfortunately, this type of experience has moved many believers into an unbiblical, mystical form of Christianity. It’s based on the premise that if we do certain meditative practices and ancient rituals, we can be more like Jesus and find God within ourselves.

Following along the wide path away from Sola Sciptura are those who’ve been soaked by the Latter Rain movement, which shape-shifted into the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), or Prophets and Apostles movement. Like the Emergents, these folks will tell you that the Bible is nice, but God wants you to know Him on a more intimate level. And He wants you focused not on a bloody cross, or sin, or the resurrection, but on living your wild, big, unordinary dreams for Him. View article →

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Sola Scripture Our Only Foundation