The Republicans Are Still Funding The Abortion Industry Because They Are Cowardly Buffoons

Trump signed the bill.

(Matt Walsh – Dailywire, 3/22/18) “They passed tax reform. Hooray. Who cares? My money is funding the mass execution of human children. They haven’t done anything about that. They haven’t really tried. They are frauds. They are cowards.”

Republicans in the House passed a trillion-dollar spending bill yesterday. It fully funds Planned Parenthood. Another half a billion dollars to an organization that slaughters 300,000 babies a year. The GOP is now well into its second year in power — controlling the House, Senate, and Presidency — and Planned Parenthood is still making hundreds of millions of dollars from the taxpayers.

This is our “pro-life” party. It is a party so “pro-life” that it will obediently bow before the abortion industry, reach into your wallet, and give your money to mass murderers. Strange, this version of “pro-life.” It seems like a truly pro-life party would view the tax-funding of genocidal butchers as the second greatest injustice in the world, the first being the genocidal butchery itself. It seems like a pro-life party would stop at nothing to put an end to such a travesty. It seems like a pro-life party would make this its top priority.

It seems like we have no pro-life party at all.

Don’t give them any excuses. They could defund Planned Parenthood. They could if they really wanted. They could abolish the filibuster and force the issue. They have a moral obligation to force the issue. It is not morally acceptable to be complicit in the funding of baby killers. It is even less acceptable to actively facilitate it. It is, in fact, deeply depraved and evil. But that is what the Republican Party is doing. View article →