March for Our Lives Says Gov’t Is Our Savior — It’s Not

(Michael Anthony – FaithZette) Be very aware of what this movement is about — and how many of our freedoms are under threat

Let’s get something straight quickly, as the March for Our Lives events all across the country on Saturday, March 24, 2018, continue to spur discussion and debate: It’s not the federal government’s job to create freedom, but rather to get out of the way and let freedom happen.

Freedom comes from God, not the government.

More and more, the federal government appears to be replacing God — and so many people seem to love it.

We’ve kicked God out of schools, off football fields, out of bakeries and nearly every aspect of life, while replacing Him with more and more, and bigger and bigger, government.

Americans should be up in arms and on our knees over the vilification of God. Instead, this past Saturday, thousands marched in Washington and in cities around our nation, insisting that the government, not God, should save us.

Our nation is sick, and we don’t even realize it.

(Must watch video on the site)

On the one hand, we should be glad that students and others are concerned about violence with guns. Clearly, we can and must do much better when it comes to background checks, mental health checks, and enforcing our existing laws. On the other hand, it should concern us that an underlying objective of the March for Our Lives event was to advance the far Left’s agenda to disarm every American who isn’t part of the federal government or local law enforcement.

Not good.

The purity of Saturday’s march has been undermined. The movement is no longer organic (it likely wasn’t from the start). Many people don’t realize that former president Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA) was involved in the planning, publicizing and organizing of Saturday’s march — and on the website, you’ll see in big, bright letters, “Commit to vote.”

(Vote for what, you may ask? Or, rather, vote against what? Well, what do you think?) View article →