CNN Host Baffled Over Charisma Magazine Founder’s ‘Willful Blindness’ in Placing Trump’s Policies Over Personal Character

Charismatic journalist Stephen Strang’s skilled tap-dance around CNN host’s straight-forward questions rivals that of the greatest tap dancer of all time, Fred Astaire. Heather Clark of Christian News Network has the story:

CNN “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota grilled Charisma Magazine founder Stephen Strang on Wednesday in asking why he and other evangelicals continue to unconditionally support Donald Trump and seemingly brush aside or overlook alleged impropriety in his personal life.

Strang is the author of the book “God and Donald Trump,” in which he asserts that Trump is a changed man and ponders whether there was a “supernatural element” involved in the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“Explain to us again how it is that evangelicals are willing to overlook these reports of infidelity and other things to support president Trump,” Camerota began.

“That’s easy for me,” Strang replied. “Donald Trump has had a reputation as a Playboy going back to the 80’s. I didn’t support Donald Trump for a long time because I didn’t approve of what I knew of his lifestyle.”

“So, what changed?” Camerota asked.

“Well, I think he changed. I really do,” Strang opined. “I interviewed him in 2016, and expected sort of the brash personality that you see in the media. [But] I found him to be respectful, to actually be a little bit humble. I was amazed, and other people that deal with him say that he’s a changed man.”

He said that everyone has a past and no one is perfect, which provoked Camerota to note that owning up to wrongdoing and seeking forgiveness is a tenet of Christianity. She pointed to Trump’s statement that he’s never asked for forgiveness.

“These allegations are from a long time ago, and when we elected him, the Access Hollywood tape had just come out and people knew that he was not perfect,” Strang said. “[W]e Christians know that you have to have forgiveness, and that God can change lives, and that the leaders in the Bible that we read about from King David on were not perfect in any way, shape or form.”

“Yes, understood, and no one’s perfect, of course,” Camerota replied. “But in order to receive forgiveness, don’t you have to confess your sins?”

“Well, that’s between him and God,” Strang replied.

“Isn’t that a tenet of the Bible? I mean, don’t you have to own up to these things?” Camerota asked. “Donald Trump famously said he never asked God for forgiveness.”

Strang repeated that the matter is between Trump and God, and advised that he’s more focused on Trump’s policies that protect religious freedom.

“I’m glad you’re quoting the Bible, but I think the issue is here [is] that’s between him and God,” he said. “The issue for me and for millions of evangelicals is his policies. He supports the kinds of policies that we think are important. He’s become a champion of religious rights, of helping persecuted Christians. I could go right down the line. And then, of course, the Neil Gorsuch appointment is huge.”

“I understand, and I hear you. That one does makes sense,” Cameron replied. “But isn’t that a little bit like saying, ‘I really like Harvey Weinstein’s movies, so I’m going overlook what I know to be true about Harvey Weinstein, and I’m going to support him and give him money for his movies?’” View article →