Brian Houston: ‘Jesus became you, so that you could become Him…’

(Churchwatch Central) Brian Houston recently made the claim that, “Jesus became you, so that you could become Him.” You can watch the footage below and read the transcript. Watch the clip in context and if you agree or disagree with us quoting him, ask yourself this question – why does he think this and why did he even say it? [The video is no longer available – it was pulled from Youtube, as often happens. So CWC did an update that includes Houston’s sermon podcast. Watch it here.]

What other biblically qualified teacher would say this?

The reality is that we have been waiting for Brian Houston to say something like this for a long time. Why? …

He is an Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation that holds to the belief that we are little gods, being able to speak things into existence like God Himself. This doctrine is known around the NAR as ‘Sonship’ or ‘Spirit of Adoption/Sonship’ (SAS). However, many also call this ‘Word of Faith’.

As we hear in other New Apostolic Reformation churches, Brian Houston has finally come out with a similar mantra. For instance Bill Johnson will make the claim “As He is, so are we.” Brian’s reaction is the same as Kris Vallotton who boldly told Bethel that “Yea is big ‘G’ and you are little ‘g’, you’re a little ‘g’ god” and quickly cleaned up his statement by stating, “I understand we’re not Mormons.”

Not only is Brian Houston a ministry friend with Bethel (who believe they are little gods), he is also a ministry friend with Joseph Prince – who uses the twisted scripture ‘as He is, so are we’ to teach how people need to perceive Christ and themselves to be healed. But it was more than these associations indicating Brian believed this – Hillsong’s history goes straight back to the origins of this ‘little god’ doctrine: the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR)View article →

See CWC’s updated here