‘Drag Kings’ Hope to Detoxify Masculinity by Dressing Up as Men (Who Act Like Women)

(Faith Moore – PJ Media) “Is there such a thing as toxic femininity? If not, there should be. It would be the practice of claiming that anything male is inherently wrong and must be destroyed and replaced with femininity. Oh wait, that already has a name. It’s called ‘feminism.'”

For a while now, feminists have been trying to find a way to combat “toxic masculinity.” The feminist belief that rape and other sexual crimes stem from societal norms about masculinity has caused the term “toxic” to come to encompass any behavior that is traditionally considered male. …

So, to combat toxic masculinity, one must weed out all behaviors that are seen as masculine. Which, of course, leaves only behaviors that are seen as feminine. Which means pretty much everyone would have to act like a woman. Hooray for feminism.

A recent article at HuffPost suggests a way to mainstream the idea that, in order to combat toxic masculinity, men must act like women. The article, called “It’s Time For Drag Kings To Detoxify Masculinity On TV,” is written by a drag king named Goldie Peacock. A drag king — for all you unenlightened sexist misogynists out there — is a woman who identifies as a woman but impersonates a man.  View article →