Obama Justice Dept.’s attempts to influence investigations exposed in McCabe probe

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder

(Jeff Mordock – Washington Times) Tucked inside the inspector general’s report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was the story of an August 2016 phone call from a high-ranking Justice Department official who Mr. McCabe thought was trying to shut down the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was running for president.

The official was “very pi–ed off” at the FBI, the report says, and demanded to know why the FBI was still pursuing the Clinton Foundation when the Justice Department considered the case dormant.

Former FBI officials said the fact that a call was made is even more stunning than its content.

James Wedick, who conducted corruption investigations at the bureau, said he never fielded a call from the Justice Department about any of his cases during 35 years there. He said it suggested interference.

“It is bizarre — and that word can’t be used enough — to have the Justice Department call the FBI’s deputy director and try to influence the outcome of an active corruption investigation,” he said. “They can have some input, but they shouldn’t be operationally in control like it appears they were from this call.”

Although the inspector general’s report did not identify the caller, former FBI and Justice Department officials said it was Matthew Axelrod, who was the principal associate deputy attorney general — the title the IG report did use.  View article →


Did McCabe Issue “Stand Down” Order On FBI Clinton Email Investigation? By Sara Carter

End Of Day 4-25-18 — From Our American Values

In the past 48 hours, there have been several reports about serious corruption at the highest levels within the Obama Justice Department and FBI.  Of course, you won’t hear about any of this on the nightly news broadcast from the left-wing media.  So I will summarize it for you.

Buried in the inspector general’s report against fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is the stunning revelation that a top Justice official, the principal associate deputy attorney general, called McCabe in August 2016 and essentially demanded that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation be stopped.

According to the inspector general’s report, McCabe claimed that he “pushed back, asking ‘Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?'”

McCabe stated that the call was “very dramatic,” adding that “he never had a similar confrontation like the PADAG call . . . in his entire FBI career.”

But before you start feeling sorry for McCabe, investigative reporter Sara Carter writes that McCabe attempted to shut down the initial investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server in 2015.

Carter writes: “McCabe was overseas when he became aware of the investigation and sent electronic communications voicing his displeasure with the agents.”

Why would he do that?  At the time, McCabe’s wife was a Democrat candidate for the Virginia State Senate.  Her campaign received more than $450,000 from Clinton confidante Terry McAuliffe.