Man Who Identifies as Woman Sues North Carolina Prison for Not Accommodating Practice of Witchcraft

(Heather Clark – Christian News Network) A male inmate who identifies as a woman has sued the Lanesboro Correctional Institution in North Carolina for not accommodating his practice of Wicca, also known as pagan witchcraft.

Duane Fox, who goes by the name Jennifer Jasmine, alleges that chaplains at the institution have violated his constitutional right to religious exercise, including his specific dietary needs.

Fox says that he has been denied his request for vegan meals, and states that he was told that if he wanted vegan accommodation, he must be Rastafarian or a Buddhist. He outlines that each Wiccan festival entails a specific focus, such as dairy or dried herbs.

“The plaintiff … shouldn’t have to change [his] religion to get on the proper diet,” the legal challenge states, according to the Charlotte Observer.

He also contends that he is only allowed to observe the eight Wiccan festivals, while Christian-identifying and Native American prisoners can worship several times a week. Fox wants to practice Wicca outside twice a week.

He has requested a copy of “The Book of Shadows,” Tarot cards, runes, a wand, candles, a bell and a black robe, and is also seeking permission to light the candles and start an outdoor fire. He says he submitted a religious assistance request form this month, but has yet to receive a response.  View article →