What you need to know about ‘A Billion-Soul Harvest 2018’

(Berean Research) There is a major effort by the “Billion Souls Network”  to “Bring Back The King” by finishing the Great Commission by the year 2100. The Billion Soul Network Coalition comprises more than 1,300 denominations and organizations, along with more than 400,000 local churches, committed to synergizing their efforts together to accelerate the doubling of the “Global Church”.

This Dominionist movement is not only not biblical, it is downright dangerous. (see our White paper on New Apostolic Reformation/Dominionism to begin your research.) Here is a piece I wrote in 2015 on the Billion Souls Network to help you understand how vile this movement is. (By the way, if you’re still watching The 700 Club on CBN, please stop!)

Fast forward to today, as CBN filed this report in Toronto:

A Billion-Soul Harvest: The End Times Ushering in History’s Greatest Revival?

Christian ministries have been called streams of God. A number of them are coming together because they believe their unity could help set off history’s greatest revival.

It’s a gathering of some of the most powerful streams of ministry that have been used in revival across the past three decades – much like the Toronto Blessing that started in 1994 and touched millions around the world.

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