What is the ‘Apostolic Commission’?

(Churchwatch Central) Is your local apostle equipping or empowering you to manifest God himself as a ‘New Breed’? Is your local apostle trying to get your church to manifest the God-man? The ‘One New Man’? If so, your local apostle is fulfilling the ‘Apostolic Commission’.

Rick Joyner was recognized as a prophet but is, to this day, treated and regarded as an Apostle. Joyner is most famous for his book series ‘The Call’ and ‘The Final Quest’. In this series, he claims to have received greater visions and revelations than prophets and apostles of the scriptures, bringing new teaching of God’s end-times church. Because of his claims, many Christians literally take his work to be scripture. (We’ve personally noted this in a number of friendships, churches and denominations.)

Due to the nature of his divine visions, he is regarded as a powerful voice in the Charismatic andNew Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movements. He is also endorsed by NAR Apostle Dr. Michael Brown.

The Apostolic Commission?

Rick Joyner is responsible for coining the term “Apostolic Commission’ to identify the mission of modern day NARpostles. Although the term ‘Apostolic Commission’ is not popular or well-recognized in evangelicalism, it is a term many will use.

This is because Joyner accurately identifies a specific agenda that many NARpostles promote in their churches. Because NARpostles claim the church has changed to embrace the new apostolic paradigm of the five-fold ministry, they believe they are now commissioned by God to ‘maturing the body’ as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11.

Rick Joyner teaches on this ‘Apostolic Commission’ in his book ‘The Apostolic Ministry’ (2006). View article →