LGBT Christians

“Even more problematic is how the Revoice conference identifies Christian with LGBT lifestyles. Their goal is to support and empower and encourage LGBT Christians as if the LGBT descriptor cannot be separated from Christians. One who was once immersed in a homosexual orientation and desire cannot just be a Christian now, but must be a LGBT Christian.”

(Fred Butler – Bible Thumping Wingnut)  The crazy train driving conservative evangelicals to normalize sexual perversion keeps chugging along down the track. While it may sound like a think-tank associated with the United Methodists, or the PCUSA or even the Unitarians, The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender insists they are conservative evangelicals. They are even endorsed by such luminaries as Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, and Karen Swallow Prior.

The Center will hold a conference in July called Revoice hosted by Memorial Presbyterian Church that is a member of the more conservative PCA. The working purpose statement of the conference is,

Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can experience the life-giving character of the historic Christian tradition. 

Keynote speakers will include Eve Tushnet, lesbian Catholic author, and Nate Collins, who describes himself as a same-sex attracted/gay married man. Breakout sessions will cover a range of topics like “Possibility Models in Queer Theory and Literature: An Adventure,” “Sexual Minorities & Ministry,” “How to Become Churches Where LGBT+ People Can Find Family,” and a panel discussion on “The Joys and Challenges of Mixed-Orientation Marriage.”

The leadership with the Center of Faith, Sexuality, and Gender, honestly believe they are helping the Christian Church work through all the issues of homosexuality in our society. There is lots of discussion about journeying together, community, conversations, and experience. The reality, however, is that they have given into the world and are leading the Church into gross compromise with sinful perversion.

“Sexual Minorities” and the World

First, they categorize homosexuals as a “sexual minority.” Rather than sinners who need to repent from their sin, turn to Christ in faith, and into a life of sanctification that will orient their attraction to godly desires, gays are likened as an unreached people group, a mission field like say Eskimos or the Appalachian Hill Billy people. They have their own unique cultural values that Christians must familiarize themselves with and accommodate. That is in spite of the fact that LGBT culture is saturated with pornographic imagery, sexual exploitation, and other bizarre fetishes.

Now. Let me pause here a moment, because already there are people who just read my last sentence about pornographic imagery, exploitation, and fetishes, and are angry for me writing that. Readers are saying to themselves, “you ridiculous hater, you are being extremely hyperbolic and are not serious about discussing this issue. I know wonderful gay people who are some of the most morally pure individuals I’ve ever met. That stuff you see in gay pride parades is the extreme fringe and doesn’t represent reality.” All I can say in return is bless your sweet gullible, pollyannishly naive heart.

The defining characteristic of the LGBT community is the expression of their sexuality that is a marked deviation from natural, God ordained sexual desire and expression between a man and a woman. That deviant expression permeates the entire LGBT existence and they insist on telling everyone about it down to children in grade school.

If one does not believe me, research what I am asserting. For instance, pay attention to gay pride month that happens every June. Here in LA, there will be the World Naked Bike Ride through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. NAKED! You know, totally nude, no clothes. And I mean full frontal naked, both men and women! In public! I’d link you to their website, but I’m ashamed to do so because of imagery. The event is sanctioned by the city, so the police cannot arrest anyone for public indecent exposure. In fact, the advertisement for the event warns participants not to do anything indecent!

If you have the intestinal fortitude, do a search for Zombietime Folsom Street Fair. You don’t even have to read the report, just glance over the warning page he has set up before you even get the report. If you want something a bit more tame, just search RuPaul’s Drag Con. Neither one of those events represent a fringe element but are events celebrated by the world and among the majority within the LGBT community.  View article →

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