SBC Leaders Float Idea of Beth Moore As Next Denomination President

(Pulpit & Pen)  Beth Moore, who is best known as Lifeway’s Cash Cow of Bashan, the extremely popular women’s teacher whose increasingly wild-eyed prophetic visions have gained prominence in a wide berth of evangelicalism well outside the SBC (especially in charismatic circles, as she coalesces with other egalitarian prophetesses like Anne Voskamp, Joyce Meyer, and Christine Caine), may very well be promoted as the next president of the SBC after the upcoming term of JD Greear.

Greear, who is seen as the favorite for the 2018 SBC election, holds to a modified Complementarian position that is, for all intents and purposes, Egalitarian. Also a Continuationist and a #woke Social Justice Warrior, the megachurch satellite campus pastor is well departed from Southern Baptist historic orthodoxy on a number of points. …

This will unlikely stop the young, popular and charismatic mega-pastor for winning the June election handily, as the SBC reels in shock from the firing of perhaps the oldest and most prominent standard-bearer of SBC conservative, Paige Patterson, in a cultural bleed-over of the #metoo movement into the denomination in what is an increasingly speculative and questionable decision of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Executive Board. Greear has presented himself as a fully “woke” and politically savvy public relations specialist, who along with certain other leaders in the SBC (like Russell Moore, Albert Mohler, Danny Akin, Matt Chandler and other New Calvinists), are intent on rebranding the denomination in the name of saving it. One such overture to “saving the denomination” in recent days has been talk of electing a female president, which has received no shortage of support in social media. The name for such a female leader of the country’s largest Protestant denomination that has risen to the top of discussion is none other than the recently woke prophetess, Beth Moore.

Following on the heels of a conference that should have been seen as spitting in the face of the #MeToo Movement, MLK50 – a conference venerating a man who literally trafficked in female prostitutes – many SBC leaders began to vocalize the need for leadership chosen not by the content of their character, but the color of their skin. In true Marxist Intersectionality fashion, these same leaders started to include women in the long list of underrepresented minorities who had to be placed at the top tiers of leadership if the SBC was to survive the impending tide of cultural opinion. JD Greear, on May 25, posted a video in which he called on the SBC to place women at the highest levels of leadership. He stated…    View article →