Texas Governor Calls Teen Whose Dying Wish Is to Pass Bill to End Abortion in State: ‘Your Wish Has Been Granted’

“I know that it must be difficult standing against a whole federal beast that forces abortion on us, but I think that we … could end abortion here and now.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The Republican governor of Texas called a 16-year-old boy with osteoblastic osteosarcoma on Sunday whose dying wish was to urge the governor to pass a bill abolishing abortion in the state.

Jeremiah Thomas was diagnosed with the aggressive bone cancer in March and has been to hospitals in Mexico, California, and Texas in an effort to save his life. The high school athlete has been paralyzed by two tumors growing on his spine, and also has a large ulcerated tumor protruding from his chest.

Doctors performed surgery to help Thomas to walk again, but the cancer quickly grew back, and efforts to shrink the tumor on his chest have not yet been successful.

Thomas was initially told that he has a 10 percent chance of survival, and unless the Lord chooses otherwise, doctors now estimate that he has weeks to live. Being that his case is considered terminal, Thomas was advised that he could make a legacy wish—something that he could be remembered by in the years to come.

The teen, who has been active in outreach outside of the nation’s abortion facilities alongside his family, pondered the concept of a legacy wish and decided that he wanted to urge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to criminalize the murder of the unborn in the state.

“If I can leave a legacy behind of ending abortion in Texas, that is something that I would love to be remembered by—being able to save so many lives and spare so many women so much heartache,” Thomas explained to Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate and pastor Dan Fisher last week.

“60 million babies have been murdered since 1973. One-third of our generation has already been wiped out,” he lamented.   View article →