Delegates of Anglican Conference: ‘We Must Defend the Gospel Against Threats From Without and Within’

“Internally, the ‘prosperity gospel’ and theological revisionism both seek in different ways to recast God’s gospel to accommodate the surrounding culture, resulting in a seductive syncretism that denies the uniqueness of Christ, the seriousness of sin, the need for repentance and the final authority of the Bible.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)   Delegates from a gathering of Anglicans from around the world, known as the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), have released an open letter committing to “defend the gospel against threats from without and within,” and calling upon others to do so as well.

The letter notes that in these modern times, there are not only those who actively reject Christ and push ungodly agendas, but those who profess the name of Christ while holding to unorthodox and dangerous doctrines.

“External attacks include superstitious practices of sacrifices and libations that deny the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice. Some religions deny the unique person and work of Christ on the cross, and others are innately syncretistic,” it outlines.

“Secularism seeks to exclude God from all public discourse and to dismantle the Christian heritage of many nations. This has been most obvious in the redefinition of what it means to be human, especially in the areas of gender, sexuality and marriage,” the open letter states.

It also cites the ongoing devaluation of the human race through abortion advocacy and euthanasia, which it characterizes as “an assault upon human life uniquely created in the image of God.”

“Militant forms of religion and secularism are hostile to the preaching of Christ and persecute his people,” the delegates note.

The letter additionally points to the problem of prosperity preaching infiltrating the churches, as well as theological revisionism.  View article →