‘Media Chieftains’ Must ‘Pull Back’ Liberal Mobs Before ‘Tragedy’ Strikes

“And there are still some, Democratic members of Congress, entertainment figures, religious leaders, media chieftains like Jeff Zucker at CNN or Andy Lack at NBC. They’re silent now, cowering and complicit in all of this, but the country badly needs them to cool the rhetoric and rein in the mob. No more Nazi talk on their TV channels. No more screaming at people in restaurants.”

(Nicholas Fondacaro – News Busters) It has only been a year since a deranged Democrat tried to pull off a mass assassination attempt against Republican Congressmen at a baseball practice. With the left’s targeting of Trump administration officials and others for harassment, which was being egged on by California Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D), many reasonable people were rightfully fearful that we might be headed for a tragedy.

This didn’t escape the observation of the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson on Tuesday as he asked media heads to take measures to stop the division and hatred.

As progressives become more authoritarian and less tolerant, they seem more convinced that they are fighting actual Nazis rather than their fellow Americans, with whom in the scheme of things, they only have mild political differences,” Carlson noted in his opening monologue.

Carlson observed that “the more they accuse the administration of extremism, the more extreme they become.” This kind of mentality could lead someone to do something unspeakable in the name of their political ideology. As he put it: “[O]nce you decide that the people who disagree with you are Nazis, everything is allowed. Why wouldn’t you threaten them in restaurants or burn their houses down, or who knows?”  View article →