Pro-Life Roe v. Wade Movie Sets Off a Panic in Hollywood

“The film has been enveloped in controversy since its announcement last summer. Facebook blocked all crowdfunding for the film on its platform by restricting its ability to share posts or run ads.”

(Kyle Becker – LifeZette) The abortion debate has been rigged in popular American culture for decades.

Now, one filmmaker is looking to change that.

Nick Loeb secretively has begun filming a pro-life Roe v. Wade feature film that is enlisting the star power of Robert Davi, Jon Voight, and Stacey Dash, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film set was struck with drama when a few hired staff members abruptly quit after discovering it wouldn’t portray the pro-abortion narrative about the landmark case.

“I have been doing research on the movie trying to figure out who is producing and what the gist of the story is, and I finally found it and so I am withdrawing from this project,” one location scout said. “I am a staunch pro-abortion feminist activist and I will not be party to such horrible propaganda.” View article →