Fifteen Ways to Know you are Growing in Holiness

“We should be constantly fighting against sin, and going to war with particular sins in our lives. These fifteen examples will prove helpful in our ability to notice growth when going to war against our flesh.”

(Jordan Standridge – The Cripplegate) Over the past few weeks I have been reading Edward Welch’s new book A small book about a big problemAlthough I wouldn’t have described myself as someone who struggled with anger this book has revealed how much and how often I do fall short in this area.

All in all it is a book that I recommend everyone read. It is a short book with fifty very short chapters. Designed to help you focus each day on a various aspect of anger, patience and peace. I truly appreciate Welch’s approach in helping people grow in this area.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing about this book is its long-term focus. Welch isn’t interested in short-term fixes but rather focuses on the heart and teaches the reader to realize that the fight against anger is a life-long fight.


  • You walk out of a conflict because you know that you could do or say something destructive. You plan to address it when you are better prepared.
  • You have read all of these short devotionals up to this point.
  • You have asked someone to pray for you about your anger.    View article →