First Lesbian Reinstated to U.S. Army Comes Out Against Transgender ‘Erasure of Women’

“Earlier this month, a group called “Get the L Out” marched against transgenderism at the London Pride Parade. This group claimed that the transgender push for “the social transition of lesbians” is actually a form of conversion therapy, because it turns lesbian women into straight men. The group also warned — rightly — about the long-lasting damage transgender “therapies” can wreak on healthy human bodies.”

(Tyler – O’Neil – PJ Media) Feminists have finally begun to clash openly with the transgender movement, and the strongest attacks have come from lesbians. A lesbian Army veteran with an impressive pedigree has joined the charge, denouncing the transgender movement for erasing women.

Miriam Ben-Shalom, an LGB activist and teacher, was honorably discharged from the military for homosexuality in 1976, but she challenged her discharge in court and returned to military service in 1987. She reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. In 2016, she was invited to be the Grand Marshall of the Milwaukee Pride Parade, but the parade rescinded the offer after discovering “transphobic” comments on her Facebook page.

This notable lesbian activist recently spoke out about transgenderism, which she denounced as an assault on women and girls and an “erasure” of women — and lesbians in particular.

“Transgender activists’ erasure of women is horrifying,” Ben-Shalom wrote in The Federalist. “Women, especially lesbians, should not be told they are haters if they refuse to sleep with males who identify as trans. Women and children should not be forced to deal with males in their spaces, whether it be locker rooms or bathrooms.”

Ironically, the transgender movement is so strong on the Left that this lesbian activist resorted to The Federalist — a socially conservative publication — to publish her charge against transgenderism. This is particularly ironic, as Ben-Shalom is a notable lesbian activist. View article →


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