‘Theybies’ — More Parents Keeping Their Child’s Gender a ‘Secret’

“Though the children are aware of their body parts and how they may differ from others, they are not taught to associate those body parts with being a boy or girl.”

(Cathy Burke – Newsmax) Over 200 parents around the country are raising “theybies” in a “gender-open” style that keeps the sex of their kids a secret — even from the children themselves, NBC News reported.

“A theyby is, I think, different things to different people,” Nate Sharpe, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, father of twins Zyler and Kadyn, told NBC News.

“For us, it means raising our kids with gender-neutral pronouns — so, ‘they,’ ‘them,’ ‘their,’ rather than assigning ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘him,’ ‘her’ from birth based on their anatomy.”

The movement is happening mostly in progressive, well-to-do enclaves, NBC News reported. A Facebook community currently claims about 220 members across the U.S.

But what makes the movement stand out — and controversial — is the parents do not reveal the sex of their children to anyone, NBC News reported.  View article →