Popular Breakfast Cereals Manufacturers Try To Indoctrinate Children

“When even your popular breakfast cereals try to sexualize children, you know your society’s in trouble.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views)  What kind of society are we going to pass on to future generations? Who’s going to decide that? Who’s minding the store?

There are certain institutions who bear that responsibility. Our courts, our universities, and businesses—these three, among others, will have much to stay about the world we leave to our children and grandchildren. Our civilization’s future is very much in their hands—and they’ve got butterfingers. In fact, you’d almost swear they’re purposely trying to make a hash of it.

Recently a Canadian judge ruled that two men “involved in a polyamorous relationship” with a woman are both the fathers of her child, and that both their names must appear on the child’s birth certificate. That this is a biological impossibility did not occur to him. Babbled the judge, “Society is continuously changing and family structures along with it,” and therefore we’ve all got to go along with “new complex family relationships that are common and accepted in our society.”

Polyamory—“common and accepted”? By whom? Well, actually by him: he’s going to make it common and accepted, because a judge’s job, it seems, is to redefine core human institutions like marriage and the family and reshape them just as he pleases. Sort of like our own Supreme Court did when it imposed same-sex “marriage” on America.

I don’t think I like for this guy to be deciding what’s accepted. View article →


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