Matt Chandler, Francis Chan with Hillsong, Jesus Culture at Yet Another Conference

“Even though this event is still a few months away, “Together 2018″ has done one thing very well already-they’re promoting this thing with unabashed confidence. Rarely have such ideals been promised so confidently by an event that surely cannot accomplish any of this stuff.”

(Steven Kozar – Messed Up Church)  This is yet another New Apostolic Reformation Big Event that you must attend, because you’ll never be the same… it’s gonna change everything… this is the Together Conference for the Together Generation!

Experts are currently trying to determine if the “Together Generation” is really just a new incarnation of the “Pepsi Generation.”

Here’s the Together Manifesto, which is not a manifesto at all, but simply a loose cluster of vague ideas that sound good to the ear of the gullible, especially if they’re said in a cool video:

“Something needs to shift. There is a better way than outrage or apathy.

In the middle of you/me/us/them stands Jesus. He was snubbed by politicians and the religious. He drew the ordinary, the misfit, the freedom-craver, calling all into mercy, justice, and action. So what if I moved closer? Away from walls that isolate, toward Jesus and the world around me.

I want to influence, to build bridges, to take risks. I will choose to listen and seek to understand. I will love, especially those who are not like me. I am part of the radical middle—where we meet at Jesus from every side. And we’re on the move.”

Now here’s the cool video where this pseudo-doctrine can be more emotionally manipulative:

For some reason these two guys are speaking at this event (along with NARpostle Brian Houston, Banning Liebscher, Sammy Rodriguez, Priscilla Shirer and others): View article →