UK public health service accused of giving kids with autism sex change drugs

“Pro-family advocates around the world have warned that conversion therapy bans can be so broadly interpreted as to prohibit simple, responsible conversations about gender issues. Pro-LGBT activists have dismissed such talk as fear-mongering, yet it appears to be coming true in the UK.”

(Calvin Freiburge – LifeSite News) The UK’s National Health Service has administered puberty-stopping drugs to up to 150 children who may have been suffering from autism and not gender dysphoria, a new report has found.

A report has found that a third of children referred to London’s Tavistock Clinic displayed “strong” signs of autism despite estimates that only one percent of the general population is autistic, the Daily Mail reports.

“A range of psychometric measures are used to assess behavioural and emotional functioning, including features of autistic spectrum disorder and self-harm,” reads the review by Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service. “Around 35 per cent of referred young people present with moderate to severe autistic traits.”

This has raised concern over the roughly four out of ten children who have received hormone blockers to stop puberty following treatment at the clinic, which is thought to mean that approximately 150 potentially-autistic kids have received the blockers so far. View article →