Court sides with customer booted from Planet Fitness

“The transgender man Cormier saw has been identified as “Carlotta” Sklodowska (pictured at left), of Midland, who told the news media that he has been told he has a “masculine” body structure and appears to be a man.”

(OneNewsNow) A woman who was tossed from a Planet Fitness gym after complaining about a transgender woman – a biological man – in the women’s locker room has won her appeal before the Michigan Supreme Court.

The “judgment free zone” policy at every Planet Fitness gym also includes being tolerant of males in the women’s locker room, but Yvette Cormier loudly protested when she was informed of that policy after seeing a transgender woman in the locker room.

After losing twice in court fights, including claims of sexual harassment and emotional distress, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Comerier has a legitimate complaint that Planet Fitness violated Michigan’s consumer protection law by not disclosing its transgender-friendly policy.

The case was sent back down to the appellate court level after that ruling.    View article →


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