Rick Warren Says Saddleback Has Matched the Growth of Church in Acts 2: Just Needs a Few More Baptisms to Pass a History-Making Milestone

“Already baptized? That’s ok!  Since baptism doesn’t really do anything your invited to come and be baptized again!” 

(Daniel Long – Long For The Truth)  Do you want to feel significant, special, important? Then you need to be baptized! But, baptism in any old church won’t do! Nope. In order for your  baptism to be really special, you need to be baptized at one of the twenty Saddleback Campuses.


First, because “no other church in America,” or quite possibly the world, has done what Saddleback has done! Saddleback is the modern-day church of Acts 2.

Acts 2:47 …praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church dailythose who were being saved.

Yep! Every day 3.6 people have been baptized at Saddleback since the church started in 1980, making Saddleback the modern-day church of Acts.

And second, you could be the lucky 50,000th person to be baptized at Saddleback! Think about it! What an amazing, faith building, assurance bringing, God must be for me, Now I have a purpose feeling being baptized at Saddleback would bring!! Why, you’ll go down in History!

Not sure if you believe it? Here’s the News Letter to prove it: View article →


Rick Warren