Nadia Bolz-Weber Steps Down from Pastorate: Replaced by Gay Man Married to Drag Queen

Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber

Humber [Bolz-Weber’s replacement] came to HFASS from St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco. He is “married” to a man who pretends to be a woman and is a “drag queen.” His partner’s drag name is “Fruit Bomb.” 

(Pulpit & Pen) Nadia Bolz-Weber retired from her pastorate at the House for All Sinners and Saints (ELCA) and was replaced by a gay Episcopal man who is married to a drag queen who goes by the name “Fruit Bomb.” This is not satire.

Bolz-Weber is the giant Amazon-esque, tattoo-graffiti’d, potty-mouthed impastor who has referred to herself as a “dyke” (she is married to a man, however). …

She is growing in popularity among the pagan world (who she refers to as a “secular” audience) and has successfully used her ordination credentials with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) to bolster herself as a spokesman for a new kind of Christianity that is more or less divorced from any concept of Christian holiness.

Bolz-Weber announced recently that she is leaving House for All Sinners and Saints (they use the acronym HFASS and pronounce it “half-a$$”) to become a “theologian at large.” Her speaking engagements throughout the country are simply too numerous to allow her time to ‘pastor’ the church. She had previously become part-time and has now stepped away from the pastorate altogether in order to pursue her speaking engagements. Pulpit & Pen has reported on the impastor most recently for saying that she wanted to melt down purity rings and use the gold to make a vagina statue for women’s rights, and have also covered her other various antics over the years.

Religion News Service first covered her departure from the pastorate. They wrote:  View article →


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