Camp Followers Endanger the Church

“It’s a camp exalting a Jesus who is a feminist, a sexual libertine and a socialist. Faith leaders like Franklin Graham are considered fools. Jonathan absorbs rhetoric from Black Lives Matter without questioning the manipulative race- baiting, anti-law-enforcement agenda.”

(Linda Harvey – MissionAmerica)  Jonathan is a self-labeled Christian. He listens to CNN every day and never questions that he’s getting a reliable version of the truth.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Jonathan has a worldview issue but also a “camp” issue.

Which camp are you in? Have you decided?

Right now, the choices seem to be “Trump,” “No-Trump,” “Resist” or “Head in the Sand.” In five years, the names may change, but the characteristics won’t.

It’s beyond the voting booth, which reflects only one dimension of group allegiance. Today, the identities intersect and disguises are everywhere.

It comes down to a question of authority in this “information” age because America is now subject to serious gaps in reliable data.

Every true follower of Christ needs a healthy skepticism of secular news. Without the protection of God-centered doubt, one can easily be duped.

Why? Because we need warnings about actual, not manufactured, threats. Without an understanding of genuine evil and imminent risk, even those inclined to Christian faith may embrace horrific sin and tolerate critical vulnerability.

Because Jonathan has filtered his information sources, he and his family may be in danger when crucial facts are withheld, but he won’t know until it’s too late. And maybe not even then.

Who do you trust? What do you thoughtfully consider, or contemptuously discard? View article →