New False Prophets to the Old False Prophets — Time for you to Step Off

“The message is clear and the gauntlet has been thrown down. If you are part of the old regime that has fleeced God’s flock through lying about what He says — time to step off! Have some humility to let the new batch of wolves into the pen.”

Read Jeremiah 23:16-32

(Anthony Wade – 8:28 Ministries) It seems there is a civil war brewing within the apostate church. For the sake of their master, I am sure they will remember how to sing Kumbaya but in the interim the irony is gratifying. R. Loren Sandford is a pastor in Colorado and apparently he thinks it is time the old guard goes off to that false prophet retirement ranch. What is delicious is he takes their own false prophet network language, weaponizes it and uses it against them. Thus get ready get ready get ready because there is a shift coming in the prophetic atmosphere! Let us reason together through above linked article:

“Something is about to shift in the prophetic world. A cleansing is imminent and already underway. As this purification of much that has been impure takes root, it will also include a changing of the guard. While faithful patriarchs such as John Paul Jackson, Bishop Bill Hamon and my own father, John Sandford (to name a few) have paved the way for reliable prophetic ministry, it seems clear that a fresh set of voices will now carry it forward. An older generation is passing away or simply fading from the spotlight while a fresh group of anointed prophets is just beginning to emerge.” — R. Loren Sandford

Thanks for your contributions fellas! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out now! There is a cleansing going on now! Do you know what needs cleansing beloved? Something that is dirty. Something that is filthy and disgusting. Sandford even goes as far as to call what has occurred before this moment impure! Out with the old! In with the new freshly anointed batch of false prophets!

“While I am not saying there was anything less than godly in those now fading from the spotlight, or in those now gone home to glory, and while I am certainly not in any way minimizing the contributions they made to the body of Christ, I am saying that the generation now emerging carries a fresh heart for a new day. These will speak more from humble intimacy with Jesus and from a pastoral spirit than from a concern for gifting. Their words will flow more from the heart of the Father than from any felt need to prophesy, build a great ministry or stand on anyone’s stage. More than developing their gifts, they will seek oneness with Jesus and His nature. They will pursue rest in relationship with Him, more than being supernatural.” — R. Loren Sandford

Not saying anything less than godly? You just said they were impure and in need of cleansing! I see though the new generation of false prophets carry a fresh heart for a new day of deceiving the masses. Beloved watch the next sentence carefully — they will speak more from humble intimacy with Jesus and from a pastoral spirit rather than from a concern for gifting. Translation is that the new experiential Christianity from places such as Bethel and IHOP are creating this new wave of younger false prophets and their focus will be on the pretend relationship they have with Jesus where they wait until something pops into their mind and then pretend it was Jesus speaking to their hearts. They contrast this with the old guard who they feel worried too much if you actually had the gift of prophecy! How absurdly hysterical! The old guard is so heretical they opened up schools to teach people how to falsely prophesy! Many of the young guns that now seek to push them out were probably trained at such schools! This new group though? They do not even care if they have the gift of prophecy! As long as the false prophecy flows from the depths of their wickedly deceitful hearts! Forget about that stodgy old gift development! That so old school. I am unsure how they think they can attain oneness with Christ without His word.

“The aforementioned pioneers pointed the way with an emphasis on character, the cross and biblical grounding, but their foundational core messages were, in my opinion, too little heard by too many who needed to listen. In this coming generation, however, the call to integrity, character and solid biblical grounding has been heeded. The need to wow the body of Christ and tickle the ears of men is giving way to a hunger to bow before the King of kings, broken by His love and faithful to His words, regardless of the fallout. As a result, these emerging prophets will release into the people of God a deeper level of life than we have known, as well as a sense of liberty in holiness that is both life-giving and free of condemnation.” — R. Loren Sandford  View article →


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