This is How We Take on the Trans Lunacy

“I recently read of this example of how this madness was shut down big time by this method of taking the trans madness to its logical and ugly conclusion. If it weren’t all so serious, it would be utterly hilarious. I still smile every time I read this. It is a winner, and it may be the start of a much-needed fightback, and a much-needed return to sanity and reality.”

(Bill Muehlenberg)  Militant trans activism is so bizarre, so idiotic, and so completely illusory that it must eventually collapse under its own weight. It seeks to defy everything, including biology, DNA, truth and reality itself. Eventually such lunacy and delusion must self-destruct – either that or it is the end of civilisation as we know it.

And we can help this moonbeam movement to implode by playing its own game and using it against them. If they want to revel in irrationality, fantasy and moral and mental myopia, let’s just take what they offer and take it to its logical conclusion.

Here I want to offer a superb example of this, but let me first speak a bit more to the notion of something collapsing under its own weight. This can apply to various things, such as stars imploding and the like. But it can refer to other situations.

Consider the self-destruction of the Soviet Union and godless communism. The system was so bogus and so brutal, and so filled with internal contradictions, that eventually it had to implode. Sooner or later it had to collapse. And that it did in spectacular fashion.

Sure, having champions like Reagan and Thatcher on the scene at the time, and placing Cruise missiles in Western Europe, certainly helped in the downfall of that evil empire, but it was simply not sustainable. It could not last. It eventually had to collapse in a heap.

This is because socialism never works in the long run. The lies of Marxism had to finally bow to truth. And totalitarianism always runs up against our inherent love of freedom. So this system eventually collapsed, and the world is a better place because of it. View article →


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