VICTORY: California Dem withdraws bill banning help for unwanted gay attraction

“AB 2943 would have criminalized even ordinary religious speech on same-sex attraction, and it also would have forbidden LGBT persons from making a deeply personal choice to explore conversion therapy,”

(Calvin Freiburger – LifeSiteNews) – California’s controversial ban on virtually any form of treatment for unwanted same-sex attraction appeared to be on the verge of becoming law, but its lead Democrat sponsor has just withdrawn it from consideration.

Assembly Bill 2943 would have barred minors and adults alike from obtaining “sexual orientation change efforts,” regardless of their wishes. By classifying what leftists sometimes pejoratively call “conversion therapy” (also known as reparative therapy) under prohibited “goods,” critics said it would have gone so far as to ban the sale of books endorsing the practice, as well as other forms of constitutionally-protected speech.

The bill passed the state Assembly in April and Senate in August, and appeared to be a lock for Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. But Assemblyman Evan Low announced Friday that meetings with religious leaders convinced him to shelve the current version, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“I left those productive conversations feeling hopeful,” said Low, who is homosexual. “I believe every person who attended these meetings left with a greater understanding for the underlying reason and intention of this bill to create a loving and inclusive environment for all. However, I believe there is still more to learn.” View article →


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