Catholic CEOs’ group Legatus withholds Vatican tithe, cites ‘recent revelations’

The Catholic Church has faced a number of challenges in recent decades. Recently Archbishop Viganò accused Pope Francis of covering up for now ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s serial sex abuse of seminarians and priests. (Read the reports here)  As a result of continuing revelations that some priests sexually abused children and that their superiors covered it up, there has been a decline in membership and a shortage of priests. So now Legatus, described as “the most influential lay organization in the Church” has put the Holy See’s annual tithe in escrow.  Lianne Laurence of LifeSiteNews has the story:

The highly influential Catholic business association Legatus has put its annual Vatican tithe “in escrow,” citing the current crisis in the Church.

A September 6 letter (full letter below) from Legatus CEO and founder Tom Monaghan states the Legatus board took the step “in light of recent revelations and questions.”

“We have also had discussions regarding our (Legatus’) annual tithe to the Holy See, specifically pertaining to how it is being used, and what financial accountability exists within the Vatican for such charitable contributions.  The Board has begun a dialogue along these lines, and in the meantime has decided to place the Holy See annual tithe in escrow, pending further determination (by the Board),” Monaghan stated.

“We certainly pledge our continued devotion to Holy Mother Church, and recognize the tithe has been an important commitment of Legatus since our founding.” View article →


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