Kris Vallotton’s pagan faith? “Why We Need to Stop Saying ‘All the Glory to God'”

“As we will see in the below Kris Vallotton article, the NAR replace Godly faith with a worldly faith. Because it is assumed they are righteous and no longer sinners, the NAR understanding of sanctification is worked out in fulfilling one’s destiny. This is where the lines between worldly faith and godly faith are blurred within the NAR.”

(Churchwatch Central) The Apostle Paul contrasts righteousness by faith with righteousness by works (Romans 3:23, 4:4-5), a righteousness from God Himself, obtained by grace through faith in Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:9). When Paul speaks of the righteousness of God imputed to us, he refers to our right-standing with God, the fact that we are now in a new and right relationship with Him.

However, within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), how do they define the righeousness of God? Systemic in the NAR Bethel cult, is their belief that they are already made perfect because of the ‘power’ of the Holy Spirit, which in reality is a ‘righteousness’ by works.

Rather than have the Holy Spirit convict them with God’s good gift of repentance and forgiveness of sins through Christ – their ‘spirit’ affirms that not only are they the ‘righteousness of God’ but also ‘the glory of God’, with sin and repentance not even being on the radar.

This leads people within the NARismatic movement to embrace the demonic theology known as ‘sonship’, by reducing Jesus to just a man filled with the Holy Spirit – they too see themselves as sons of gods, advancing the Kingdom of God on earth through this same ‘spirit’ within. Specifically in Bethel, it is taught that the Kingdom of God is in the Spirit of God. The final authority of their false Christ, false spirit and themselves is in the kingdom, not the bible. This false theology leads their followers to believe they are part of the end-time dominionist Joel’s Army or New Breed, raised to influence and dominate the final end-times stage.  View article →


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