Charisma Magazine reports on why Bill Johnson didn’t immediately shut down ‘grave sucking’

“Bill Johnson often uses his pulpit to ‘virtue signal’ to his congregation how they need to be wary of the demonic yet does nothing to discipline his leaders and students for dabbling in occult activity.”

(Churchwatch Central)  We advise our readers that ‘Charisma Magazine’ exists to promote the cause of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Included in the NARisma article below, you will read of other apostles involved in the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) and Bethel Church. Jesus Culture founder Liebscher addressed several controversies surrounding Bethel Church – including grave sucking.

In previous CWC articles, we reported how these NAR ‘apostles’ lie about (or downplay) their NARpostleship. Both Bill Johnson and Joseph Mattera have done this – with Mattera specifically downplaying the idea of there being apostles but rather saying they operate with an ‘apostolic function’. What is problematic with the Charisma piece is that they neglected to offer any form of ethical journalism or biblical discernment. Instead they attempted to polish the image of Bill Johnson and Bethel church – distancing Johnson from the occultic practices of necromancy, (called ‘grave-sucking’), by suggesting it was only their students who practiced it and not Johnson and his staff.

At this point we highlight their definition of ‘grave-sucking’ and expose their dishonest journalism by contrasting their statement with that of Bill Johnson’s wife Beni: View article →


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