Pope Francis Welcomes Bono After He Campaigned For Abortion In Ireland

“We haven’t figured out what we are going to do together,” Bono said, “but we sort of have a crush on each other.”

(Paul Bois – Daily Wire) As Pope Francis remains silent regarding accusations that he covered up for an allegedly abusive cardinal, he has welcomed into his company none other than U2 frontman Bono, who most recently campaigned for the legalization of abortion in Ireland.

The Pope did not address Bono’s support for abortion in the once-Catholic country during their half-hour session together, according to the rock singer. Instead, the Pope “let the conversation go where it wanted to go” and was “incredibly gracious with his time, his concentration.”

Bono did, however, discuss the sex abuse crisis with the Holy Father, and even told him that the Church’s actions look like “the abusers are being more protected than the victims.”

“I felt he was sincere, and I think he’s an extraordinary man for extraordinary times,” Bono said, adding that he could “see the pain” in the Pope’s face. View article →


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