Despite Revoice ‘Gay Christians,’ Crowds of Ex-Gays March to Celebrate Freedom from Sin

“Freedom to March, however, is a group of former homosexuals who actively reach out to practicing homosexuals with the message of the Gospel. And unlike Revoice, it’s a Gospel which has wonder-working power.”

Yes, same-sex attraction (SSA) is a sin. Clearly, Jesus taught that desires of the heart can be sinful and unlike heterosexual attraction, homosexual attraction can never be properly oriented or harnessed for the glory of God. SSA is a deviation of the natural, an offense to the supernatural, and an indication of an unconverted heart. …

However, this year’s Revoice Conference – founded by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary graduate, Nate Collins – advocated for “Gay Christianity,” claiming that same-sex attraction was not a sin and could even be romantic in nature so long as it stopped short of bodily penetration. Even Albert Mohler has denounced Reparative Therapy (after defending it for years) and The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC have a homosexual priest, Sam Allberry, write for their publications.

The message of Revoice and those in the New Calvinism movement is very clear; being gay is a part of who you are, it is possible but not likely that God will change that, and so you should get used to living a celibate life.  View article →


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