MassResistance website taken down by web hosting company after ‘complaints’ by homosexual activist – a convicted sex offender.

“The whole experience was with HostGator was Orwellian. First they claimed our site was taken down due to a copyright violation. Then they changed their mind and said it was about “personally identifiable information.” Then they simply stopped communicating with us entirely.”

(MassResistance) On Thursday, Sept. 20 the MassResistance website was suddenly taken down by the hosting company, HostGator, reacting to frivolous “complaints” by a homosexual activist (a convicted sex offender – who molested a minor). People who tried to access our website were met with a cryptic message but no further explanation.

By Friday evening we were back up and running. We have moved our site to a web hosting company run by a fearless Christian. But our email was affected right up until today..

The same activist had recently taken two other pro-family sites down by “complaining” to other companies. And other sites (including a major pro-family news site and a talk radio site) have been seriously threatened with shutdown.

Looking back, something like this was inevitable. First it was conservatives being banned by Facebook. Then Twitter and YouTube. PayPal and some credit card companies also started banning conservative groups. All of these were the result of pressure by left-wing and LGBT activists – and liberal companies enthusiastically complying.

According to one Internet company executive we spoke to, the next wave of attacks against pro-family conservative groups is beginning: Internet companies shutting down entire websites of conservative groups using the excuse of (frivolous) “complaints” by left-wing or LGBT activists. “It’s so easy that it’s frightening,” he told us, referring to the recent shutdowns. “Internet companies cave in very quickly because they’re full of liberals anyway, and one customer among thousands means nothing to them.”

In many of these cases, the companies just provide “throughput” services for the web companies and have no legal liability for the content. But they all seem to have “terms of service” clauses which allow liberal activists to exploit (e.g., claiming “hate speech”) and the companies simply cooperate with them.

HostGator is a large web hosting company headquartered in Houston with thousands of customers. They completely sided with the homosexual activist. View article →


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