Fox News Cowards Spread Fake News that Christine Blasey Ford Is ‘Credible’

This is monstrous behavior, unforgivable, un-American—the stuff of lynch mobs, of quislings—and it is the fakest of fake news.

By any standard of truth, fairness, classical liberalism, evidence, and facts, Dr. Ford is not only not credible, she is nothing close to credible.

Let me count the ways…

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(John Nolte – Breitbart) On Thursday, Judge Andrew Napolitano handed the mob all the rope they could possibly ask for, courtesy of Fox News, saying, “All of us agree that this witness is exceptionally credible.” No one argued with him.

Listen, I am not here to signal my own virtue. I am not David French, or Matthew Dowd, or Jake Tapper. The reason I have defended those whose politics and character disgust me has nothing to do with virtue and everything to do with self-preservation.

I have never liked Roy Moore; I have still defended him. Charlie Sheen’s mug shot should be pasted next to “degenerate” in the dictionary; I have still defended him. Woody Allen, George Takei, and Bryan Singer are moral and political illiterates; I have still defended them. And in the specific cases of AllenMoore, and Singer, vigorously and in great detail.

You know what—I was wrong. Let me back up a bit.

It’s actually not about self-preservation, at least not anymore.

Maybe it was at first, maybe it was a hundred years ago, before “The Woke” fascists who have captured our culture and media began slapping scarlet letters on free thinkers; before we became a country where panel after panel on MSNBC and CNN would condemn Atticus Finch for not believing the woman, before Twitter and Facebook would “unperson” Winston Smith over a joke.

Maybe a hundred years ago I believed that if I didn’t join the mob, I would be safe when the mob came for me, because I could say to the mob, “Hey, I’m not a part of this. I said Brian Williams deserved a second chance. I’ve never called on anyone to be fired. I oppose boycotts. I’ve defended you and you and even you.”

How so very naive….

Nope. it is no longer about self-preservation. And again, it not about virtue or principle or pride. It is now only about thing: when the mob comes for me, at the very least, I can comfort myself in the knowledge I am not reaping what I sowed.

And that’s why I waited a week before making any kind of comment about the allegations Christine Blasey Ford leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and that’s why I listened to her full testimony before commenting on that—which brings me to Fox News.

Watch this crap…

No, no… Wait. Before you watch that crap, let me set the scene…

The Fox News clip below is from Thursday—not Thursday evening after both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh had their full say, not even Thursday afternoon after Dr. Ford completed her full testimony. No, this is the very first break in her testimony, early in her testimony, very early in her testimony, a mere 15 minutes into her testimony…

And what is on the line here? Forget about the politics or the future of the Supreme Court. … Forget about all of that, because there is something much bigger at stake here: a man, an individual—his name, his reputation, his future, his place in history, his guilt or his innocence, and the way his own children will remember him.

There is no smaller or more vulnerable minority than The Individual, and in a decent country populated with decent people, nothing should be more important than that; than the right of that one man or that one woman to enjoy, among other things, the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise—most especially in the court of public opinion.

And with all that in mind…

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