Mall Retailer Spencer Gifts Sells ‘Let’s Summon Demons,’ ‘Let’s Sacrifice Toby’ T-Shirts: Viral Video

“A third shirt, bearing the same “Activities for Children” wording, also reads “Let’s Summon Demons” and depicts a boy lying on a drawing of a pentagram with candles surrounding him. Other children encircle him, including a young girl holding a teddy bear.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News Network)  A video posted to social media informing Christians that mall retailer Spencer Gifts sells t-shirts bearing messages such as “Let’s Summon Demons” and “Let’s Sacrifice Toby” has gone viral.

Marcus Rogers, an active Christian and aspiring pastor in the Chicago area, recently recorded live inside of a shopping mall in Illinois after deciding to investigate a post he saw online. He provided footage as proof that the store offers shirts that glorify Satanism and the occult.

One shirt available in the store depicts young children listening to vinyl records, with the words “Devil’s Music Sing-Along” above their heads, and horns and a tail on the word “music.” Another shirt features a graphic of a boy lying on the ground next to blocks that read “666” and a black cat, as a young girl holds a knife above her head. The t-shirt reads “Activities for Children” and “Let’s Sacrifice Toby.”  View article →


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