I ‘Tell Him He’s a Good Boy’: Man’s Wife Identifies as Male and Role-Plays as a ‘Human Pup’

“The episode shows McGinn visiting the operator of the LA Pony and Critter Club, where people can find “safe space” to role play as animals. McGinn wears a mask and a tail, walks around on all fours, barks, and plays with a ball.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A video recently published to YouTube features a California man and his wife who consider themselves “human pup” and “handler,” as the woman, who identifies as a man, likes to role-play as a dog.

Barcroft TV released an episode of “Extreme Love” last week with Andrew McGinn, 32, of Los Angeles, and his wife, 30, who goes by the name Tony.

“My responsibility is similar to the responsibility with a regular dog,” he said. “I hang out and provide him with lots of attention and tell him that he’s a good boy.”

In the video, Mrs. McGinn explains that she never grew out of playing pretend from her childhood and has been role-playing as a dog her entire life.

“A lot of kids like to play pretend. They like to pretend to be an animal, and they enjoy doing it. I just never grew out of that,” she stated.

“For me, the reason that I like to be a dog is dog is man’s best friend,” McGinn outlined. “Dogs experience the world through a lens of pure joy that I don’t think other animals have.”  View article →