Hillsong leader Brian Houston and his ‘friends’ named in parliamentary privilege speech

It is now 49 years since the abuse started, 19 years since Brian Houston was aware of it, and three years after the royal commission delivered its damning report, yet nothing has happened.

(Churchwatch Central)  In this latest report, we read that NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge has used parliamentary privilege to draw attention to the fact that there is “compelling evidence” to prosecute Brian Houston after matters raised at the Royal Commission investigating child sex abuse.

Mr Shoebridge named Mr Morrison, former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and former NSW Premier Mike Baird as friends of Mr Houston in an address to NSW Parliament alleging there is “compelling evidence” to prosecute Brian Houston after matters raised at the child abuse royal commission.

The speech followed advice to one of Frank Houston’s victims that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Brian Houston for failing to report allegations to police after they were raised with him in 1999.

“This weekend Mr Brian Houston will continue to preach, and this weekend (the victim) AHA will continue to demand the justice he deserves,” Mr Shoebridge told NSW Parliament in a speech shortly after midnight on Wednesday, in which he alleged the current police commissioner had not responded to a letter requesting urgent action.

Mr Shoebridge told parliament the victim, identified as AHA at the royal commission, is suffering a life-threatening illness “and is concerned justice will not be served in his lifetime”.  View article →