White Coat Sorcery Can’t Hide Child Mutilation and Death

“On Friday, November 9, a Planned Parenthood clinic on the east side of Columbus, Ohio will hold an interfaith “blessing” on their facility, a place where the lives of unborn children up to 19 weeks’ gestation end.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America) It’s not a Halloween horror flick, and it’s not some gruesome, colossal joke.

Child mutilation and sacrifice are becoming so widespread in America that they are now considered sound health care and even “blessings” from God.

When are we going to wake up and end this nightmare?

No sane person calls an abortion clinic a “sacred space,” yet that’s the theme of an upcoming Planned Parenthood event in Columbus, OH — another example of leftists losing their minds.

Meanwhile, abortionists have no monopoly on child abusing medical procedures. The bodies of vulnerable children are being forever mangled by white- coated adults at the exploding number of “transgender” clinics in America.

As children are physically deformed for life and in abortion clinics, killed, we know that Margaret Sanger, a committed eugenicist, would be proud. So would Hitler.

So would the Old Testament pagan gods of child sacrifice.  View article →


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