The First Project Between the Obamas and Netflix Could Be a Trump Takedown

Former president and first lady have a major deal with the streaming giant — and they seem to be going political with it.

(Zachery Lehman – LifeZette)  Remember earlier this year when the Obamas got in bed with Netflix?

And remember how they promised that the content they pushed out would highlight “the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples” in a public statement?

Well, those were likely just empty words — because a possible first project from the former president and first lady has been revealed, and it’s pretty political and egotistical.

The Obamas have reportedly optioned a book released on October 2 of this year that focuses on the supposed chaos that took place at the Departments of Energy, Agriculture and Commerce during the transition from Barack Obama’s administration to the administration of President Donald Trump.

The book is “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis; and while it’s not confirmed to be an approved project for Netflix, the fact that it’s even a possibility reveals exactly the kind of works the Obamas plan to pursue in their deal with the streaming giant.

The last thing people need right now is yet another anti-Trump television project. View article →