Parents Release Photos of Baby Miscarried at 14 Weeks to Show Humanity of Unborn Children

“Miran died in the womb and was born April 23, Sutherland said. She opted for labor induction rather than a D&C because she wanted to be able to see her son’s body.”

(Micaiah Bilger – Life News)  The dehumanizing of unborn babies by the abortion industry affects more than just families who have abortions. It hurts our culture in ways that stretch far beyond the abortion issue.

Sharran Sutherland, a Missouri mother who miscarried in April, felt deeply how little respect her son’s life received when he died after 14 weeks in her womb, according to The Mirror.

“This world has done a great job at dehumanising unborn babies,” Sutherland said. “The abortion industry has done a great job at that but it doesn’t just affect women who are getting abortions. It affects women who have lost their babies too – because the world doesn’t view their children as babies.

“This isn’t just about a woman grieving over her baby and not being able to give her baby life, it’s about not recognizing that this is a baby. It’s just a tiny baby,” she continued. View article →


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