Leftist Race Slander Could Backfire

“Liberals seek to disparage, intimidate and silence conservatives with these slurs, but they’ve raised it to a new level in the Trump era because they are running out of rational arguments to explain away Trump’s policy successes and they live in abject fear of losing their vise grip on the minority vote.”

(David Limbaugh – Daily Wire)  If you don’t think the political left is conspiring to smear President Trump, his supporters and the GOP as racists, then you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention.

I’m aware of the preferred school of thought that says targets of false political accusations shouldn’t take the bait and respond, the rationale being that defensiveness just makes them sound guilty and calls undue attention to the charge.

I might buy that argument if I hadn’t witnessed the success of the left’s relentless decades long assault. I’ve encountered too many people who’ve bought into this wicked lie.

This has been a calculated strategy of the national Democratic Party and liberal media to alienate minorities from the Republican Party. Consider their suggestion, for example, that President George W. Bush was dilatory in responding to Hurricane Katrina because the population of New Orleans was disproportionately black. This was preposterous, and they knew it, and it cannot be casually dismissed as politics as usual and no big deal. It’s a very big deal and destructive on countless levels to tell an entire race of people that a major political party harbors animosity toward them.

Throughout Obama’s two terms, Democrats invoked racism every time Republicans opposed his policies, which was every day. But their opposition was always based on policy. Obama was the most leftist president in U.S. history, and conservatives vigorously fought him every step of the way.    View article →